Chennai, India

Inside the studio

Concreate is an independently owned design studio. We aspire to reflect the work culture we always believed in. Ours is a lively bunch of architects, sustainability specialists, animators, and coders who are very adaptive to each other. We take pride that the multidisciplinary thinking within our versatile team is what sets us apart from the greater good as we also give freedom to an individual to explore and flourish in their own experiments while being constantly provided with the right technology and support from the team.



Anto Fredric Selvaraj

Architect & Creative Director

A background in Architecture, masters degree in 3D Animation, and the curiosity to know how these disciplines intersects with human behavior is what got Anto into experiential design. As the founding partner of Concreate, Anto primarily focuses on creating digital customer experiences and creative direction across various mediums from 2D to 3D mixed media and physical Architecture to Metaverse.



Kavya Srinivasan

Architect & Sustainability Specialist

A design enthusiast and an environment conscious individual who is thriving to make a positive impact in the world of the built environment, Kavya is a LEED® Green Associate™, IGBC AP accredited Architect and a Sustainability Specialist. As the co-founder of Concreate, Kavya deals with the technical aspects of achieving sustainable, environmentally friendly and thermally comfortable buildings with greatly functional spaces.

Our Services

Design — Interior Design — Sustainability — Building Performance Analysis — Green Building Certification — Furniture Design — 3D Animation — 2D Animation — Web Design — XR — Illustration — Branding — Film — VFX — Photography — Art Direction — Advertising.

Brands that helped us build our portfolio

We had the absolute delight to work with few of the amazing brands across the globe. Our collaborations with these brands take us one step forward every time in this aspiring journey of ours.