October, 2022

Holistic Stay

Holistic Stay approached us with an unique challenge: to create a 3D wayfinder map for their picturesque resort in Kannur, nestled amidst captivating hills. Our mission was clear - to provide guests with a hassle-free means of navigating their way through this stunning retreat. Our vision was to deliver a map that not only fulfilled its functional purpose but also engaged and delighted the users.

Wayfinder Map —

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To optimize both aesthetics and performance, we employed a low poly style. This artistic choice allowed us to represent the resort's features in a simplified yet recognizable manner. Furthermore, the use of low poly models resulted in lightning-fast loading times within the accompanying application, ensuring a seamless and responsive user experience.

While maintaining our commitment to user accessibility, we consciously made slight adjustments to scale. By prioritizing intuitive navigation, we created an accessible wayfinding experience that prioritizes ease of use over strict adherence to proportions.

3D Production



Build Florida - Holistic Stay


Holistic Eco Stay

Head of Creative Development

Anto Fredric Selvaraj

Creative Development

Gopinath Ramadoss, Mohammed Thalha,

Anto Fredric Selvaraj, Kavya Srinivasan



3D Map

Prathek Ram


Anto Fredric Selvaraj



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