July, 2023


When Moflix's visionary founder approached us with an idea that would shape the future, we eagerly took on the challenge. Our passionate team crafted a groundbreaking prototype and a captivating promo video, all centered around one powerful phrase: "Escape from reality." As we embarked on this project, we embraced the concept as our guiding light. Every task we undertook was infused with the spirit of breaking free from the confines of the ordinary. With our team fully engaged in the creation process, the product is taking shape. This teaser offers a captivating preview of what's to come, leaving you eager to discover more.

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This teaser video, with its realistic archviz style, teases a world that mirrors our own, while hinting at the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. But the promo video takes you beyond, immersing you in a whole new dimension of artistry, revealing the product in all its glory.

Animation Studio






Head of Creative Development

Anto Fredric Selvaraj

Creative Development

Bibin Baiju, Mohammed Thalha, Girish Kumar

Siva Subbaraju, Anto Fredric Selvaraj, Kavya Srinivasan

XR Lead

Siva Subbaraju


Karl Sjoberg

Sound Design

Felipe Stolnik Borges

Music Composer

Konstantin Nestsiarovich

Production Year